I was walking on the bookstore the other day , when suddenly I saw a little crowd of Japanese kids  making some noise around the children book corner .
   I went there to check what was going on and I saw a bunch of kids , without their parents around , trying to look at the same book . I was curious to see what was so interesting in that book .
   The book talks about ghost and the tittle in Japanese is " NENAI KO DARE DA ? "( Who won't go to bed ) . After taking a look inside the book I could understand why the book is so popular . The simple illustration are so nice that keeps you want to look over and over . With a book like that it is no possible to go to bed early .
   At the end I was convinced by the kids and end up buying one for myself .
   That's the book recommendation of the week .

   "WHO WON'T GO TO BED" by Keiko Sena , 1969

   Cheers !!! ( R ) 

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